Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bean Cookies... Yes, That's Right, Bean Cookies

I get emails from and they always contain a wide variety of different projects. One of the most recent contained a link to Supercharged Oatmeal Cookies. The email claimed that these cookies contained a secret ingredient. I LOVE oatmeal cookies so I had to check out the recipe.

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The secret ingredient was Chickpeas... Really? Beans in cookies? I decided that I absolutely had to try this recipe just for the weird factor. I made them with semisweet chocolate chips and I used honey instead of molasses. I also used only the slightest pinch of stevia extract because I have never used it before and wasn't sure I would like the flavor.

Guess what? These cookies are awesome! They are wonderful, moist and chewy. If you like crunchy cookies, these are not for you. They were very sweet and I think I will omit the Stevia completely next time. 1/4 cup honey and 1/4 cup raw sugar deliver enough sugar. I am really happy I tried this recipe. It is good to try something outside the normal box!

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