Monday, May 18, 2009

I heart spring!

Spring is the best season of the year. It is time to get outside and play in the dirt.

The vegetables we planted outside over the last few weeks are doing well. We have about 12 tomato plants, 3 tomatillos and 6 pepper plants out so far. We already got 2 Haba
ñeros off the plant we saved from last year. They are hot little monsters.

This year I am going to try a new technique for some of our tomato plants. I am going to create those upside down planters from old Hawaiian Punch 1.5 gallon containers. Hopefully the wind won't just tear the vines apart. I will post a picture as soon as I have one completed.

The strawberries are not doing so well. I think the sun is just too harsh for them. The same goes for the raspberries and the blackberries. Today I found some currant, jostaberry and gooseberry plants that are supposed to do well in our climate. I think I might pick up a couple of those and see how they do. I would love to be able to make jams and jellies with fruit from our garden. The cherry trees are doing great. We have a ton of fruit on them.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Weather is Beautiful!

I have more pictures of the cakes I made for the baby shower. These are my monkey cupcakes. They look a bit silly were delicious. I thought they actually looked a bit more like bears but everyone else liked them.

I have also gotten some new plants. I started two small cactus and succulent gardens. I found these great pots at the thrift store for only a couple dollars and had to get them. They are perfect for a cactus garden because of their southwestern style. I collected some of the cacti a few weeks ago from area around our house where they grow wild.

Finally, the weather is beautiful! The hawthorn trees are blooming and they are gorgeous! This is a picture of the blossoms on our tree in our front yard.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Shower!

Our friends Alicia and Ben are pregnant with triplets! Tomorrow I am having a baby shower for Alicia. I am making green shile stew, meatball sandwiches, cupcakes and the cake. The theme for the shower is jungle/safari. Here is the cake I made.

I will try to get pictures of the monkey cupcakes up later tonight.