Friday, January 6, 2012

Planning My Spring Wardrobe

Since I took The Seamless Pledge I decided to make my wardrobe for spring. My goal is to use fabric from my stash for all my projects.  I want to make 1950's vintage inspired dresses, skirts. blouses etc.

STEP 1: Find what colors I want to use.

This floral fabric gave me my palette. Nice, springy, feminine and vintage inspired. I have 5 yards to work with.

From JoAnns

STEP 2: Make my Spring Wardrobe Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

I guess you probably could have just looked at since most of my pins are from that site =) Some of my favorites are:

Pink Me Up Dress
Grass Court Dress

Soda Fountain Dress
Sundress Of My Life

I chose mostly solid colors on my inspiration board because I want my clothes to be coordinated with my accessories made from the floral print. Once I went through my stash, however, I found that I have mostly printed fabrics. Hopefully I can get enough coordinating pieces to make at least some of my items interchangeable. So far I have chosen the floral print, pink gingham, yellow gingham, a solid pink embroidered linen/rayon blend, white eyelet (I got green fabric dye for it since I have no green fabric) and a violet gingham eyelet.

STEP 3: Choose sewing patterns. 

B5209 View A

That is as far as I have gotten at the moment. I want to make some sketches and experiment with some pattern/fabric combinations. More soon!

Monday, January 2, 2012

He is helping me organize my sewing patterns.
This is why I absolutely must have my boxes of craft stuff all over the house. 
They make great baby toys =)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Seamless Pledge Plus

The Seamless Pledge

A few weeks ago I took The Seamless Pledge. Today I decided to add to my previous list of restrictions. I am only going to sew with fabric from my stash. I can buy lining fabrics and muslin but nothing else. I have such a huge stash that I don't think it will limit me to much =) I am going to try and make some coordinated purses, hair bows, fabrics flowers and other accessories. 

I am still going to shop at thrift stores, buy new panties and bras and shoes.