Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Strategy

I haven't written up a plan lately because I haven't had much crafting time to plan for. Hopefully, now that things have settled down, I can get back to a regular crafting schedule.

This week:
  1. Find inspiration for the Sew For Victory Sew Along. I was originally just going to make the newly released Simplicity 1692. Then I saw all the Sew For Victory Inspiration posts popping up all over with glorious clothes. I think I want to try and make something a bit more exciting. If I have time and the inclination I can make the top too at a later time.
  2. Start drafting up a pattern if I choose something that I don't have a pattern for. I really can't justify buying any new patterns and I have been reading a ton about pattern drafting lately. I should probably put that information to good use.

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