Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Strategy 2/24/13

Last week recap:

  1. Make my muslin for my Sew For Victory Dress.
    • I got really far on my muslin and it fit really well. I decided to make it into an actual dress. I added a lining and some ric rac. I ran out before I was done so I have to pick up some more tomorrow so I can finish. 
  2. Fitting adjustments made and transferred to pattern paper.
    • Nothing much  to change. It fits really well. I might shorten the bodice at the waist 1/4 of an inch but I will decide that after wearing the dress for a day.
  3. Choose fabric for my dress.
    • I didn't get around to picking out my fabric. If my wearable muslin turns out as well as I think it will I don't have to pick out any more fabric anyway.
This week:
  1. Finish up my wearable muslin for my Sew For Victory dress.
  2. Finish putting trim on my Sweetheart Dress. I had this dress almost finished a few weeks ago. When I was putting the final strips of bias binding on the sleeves, it got all wrinkly and refused to lie flat. Turns out, the tape wasn't actually cut on the bias. I had to rip it all out. I got a new pack and should be able to finish in a few hours.

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