Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sew For Victory - Drafting the dress

I decided I would like to knock off the Du Barry 6542 pattern.

I have never made anything with a yoke so I will have to branch out a bit. I also have only made one dress where I use contrasting fabrics. I need to do more projects like this that help me move out of my comfort zone (aka rut.) I am not sure whether to make this from cotton or linen. I know that is not historically accurate since Nylon, Viscose and Rayon were the in thing. I love my cottons and linens not only for how they feel but also the amazing variety of prints available. I also think the cotton would be best to get the nice crisp pleats on the skirt.

I am not sure if I am going to do the yoke as 2 separate pieces (a bodice top and bottom) or just make a regular bodice front and then make an overlay for the yoke parts. I will try it one way on the muslin and if it doesn't work well I will try it the other way on the next go around.

I am using the new book I got for Christmas from my mother in law to help with drafting the pattern. It is called Practical Pattern Designing, originally published in 1947. I have a reprint from the 80's. It is a great resource filled with tons of useful information, diagrams and step by step instructions on how to recreate 1940's fashions from basic blocks.

This will be another dress for my 52 Dresses participation.

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