Sunday, June 10, 2012

The UFO /Stash Busting Project

I really need to join this one hosted by The Little Red Squirrel. Not so much for the UFO part, but the stash busting is a must. I currently only have 2 UFO's. That's right: count 'em 2. I have about 800 sewing patterns and 100's of yards of fabric that I need to use.

Here are the guidelines set out by Miss Katie:
  1. Projects must use at least one item from the stash, for example one pattern or one piece of fabric. A combination of items can of course be used too! 
  2. New elements may be bought but they must be used with an item from the stash. For example I can buy fabric and notions for a particular pattern in the stash, but I can't just buy fabric all willy nilly! 
  3. For every new project I start a UFO project must be completed. I added this because I know that personally I get carried away with new projects rather than finishing older ones. This way I'm giving myself a bit of structure and discipline! (This one should be easy for me if I can just make myself stick to it./;') 
  4. I will find and/or create projects that use leftovers from the stash. I find very often that I have pieces of material and balls of wool leftover when I have finished a project, that aren't enough to make an item of clothing on their own. I want to find ways of using these leftovers to make useful and beautiful things.

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