Friday, June 8, 2012

Mash Up Circle Skirt

I used 2 patterns for this skirt. I used Vogue 8818 for the skirt panels. I added the waist band from McCalls 6403 because the original skirt pattern uses elastic. I hate elastic waist bands because they add bulk to my waist and I definitely don't need that. I don't suppose I really needed to use a pattern for the waistband because it is just a rectangle, but, ehhh. I had to gather the panels a bit to fit them into the waist band. I like it though; it gives the skirt a little more volume. I did not add the lining because I used quilters cotton and it was already bulky. I also didn't add pockets. I just don't like pockets in skirts or dresses. Again, they tend to add fluff where I don't need any. I also think I will shorten the waistband a 1/2 inch or so on the next version. Maybe put some lace or ricrac around the bottom? This one is a bit plain.

Skirt hanging to set the bias.

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