Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Frubbish Sorbetto

frub·bish: /ˈfrəbiSH/ (Noun) - A portmanteau of the words fabric and rubbish meaning fabric that IS rubbish.

Sorbetto in the park.

Fancy, perfectly matching, floral shoes!

I made my first Colette pattern a couple week ago, the (free!!!) Sorbetto Top. (It just took me forever to get pics of it.) The pattern was great, the instructions so easy to follow and the fit was phenomenal. It should have been a beautiful creation to behold upon completion...

The fabric I chose was frubbish. I used a (beautiful floral vintage inspired) 100% polyester print woven fabric and it was the most obnoxious piece of cloth I have ever worked with. It frayed if you looked at it. It slipped all around so I used one million pins and it still slipped. It is so staticy that it stuck to my sewing machine. The self bias tape refused to stay pressed so attaching it was a nightmare. Through all this, I persevered. I have a new top for Me Made May. I hate it. I will wear it, but I hate it. I am still excited to make another sorbetto. This time I am going to use a nice non slippery, non staticy, non frayey cotton print and end up with a beautiful shirt.

This is also a project that can be filed under my 13 by 13. Goal # 2 Using a pattern that is not from the big 4. 

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