Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Shot at Pattern Resizing

I made this Stars shirt for the Noodle and my friend Steve really liked the style. Since I couldn't find the exact pattern in adult size, we decided to draft the pattern into a (much) larger size. I used this tutorial I found at CraftStylish.com to resize the tiny baby pattern from Making Baby's Clothes into an adult size shirt.

Final result

We had a few small problems when we were altering this pattern. However, I don't think it is a problem with the enlarging process; I think that the original pattern is disproportionate. Anyway, we resized the pattern using the ratio of waist size. In the end, the waist fit him comfortably but the shirt was to short. We ended up adding a 5 inch band around the bottom to make it long enough for him to wear. Since the fabric is black you can barely see where we added to the bottom. The shirt was also a tiny bit tight on the back. It was not bad enough to make it unwearable, but tight enough to notice when you are wearing it. With a few more tweeks this could become a good pattern but it is going to take some work.

Even considering the problems we had with this project I am still glad we did it. All the pattern pieces fit together well. It did not take too long to go through the process either. We finished resizing all the pattern pieces in one morning. I did have Steve sit there and do all the math for me though. I just drew lines and called out numbers for him to multiply. I think I will be able to use this to resize vintage patterns to fit me.

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