Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Goals

I want to make some goals for myself for 2013 but not the insane list I had for 2012. It was way to much.

  1. Continue to work within the palettes I have designed for myself for different seasons. I want this goal to also include working within the very defined 1950's style that I love. This especially helps me when I am in the fabric store staring at an adorable fabric that does not go with anything else I own. I collected little paint chip cards with all my colors and I take it with me to the store to match things. Works great!
  2. Work on my knitting and crocheting. This is mainly an offshoot of goal #1. I want to make some adorable little 50's sweaters and cardigans to go with my home sewn clothes. I feel that last year I only concentrated on sewing and I got a bit tired of it at times. This year, I want to focus on other crafts as well so I don't get burned out.
  3. I want to continue to work on achieving the proper fit with each project I make. I really focused on fit in 2012. It was tons of work and sometimes I got a bit obsessive but the results were great.
  4. I want to continue Stash Busting. I need to use what I have. 
  5. Continue taking the Seamless Pledge. I failed a few times last year and bought some new clothes. However, it was far fewer than ever before. They were also quality pieces that I will wear a very long time. All in all I am making progress.
I think that these goals are attainable in the next year. I mainly want to continue the good crafting habits that I focused on in 2012. 

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