Friday, July 1, 2011

Fabric, Thread, Patterns, Baby Clothes... Great Day!

I love Jo-Ann's. It is absolutely my favorite craft store. So many awesome sales. I love going there and just touching the different fabrics and yarns. Feeling all the different textures. I must look a little nutty =) Anyway...

Today I went to get some fabric to make baby pants and skirts to match a cute Onesie and a couple little shirts that I had picked up at the thrift store.

I found this adorable green fabric with white polka dots to go with the "I'm Happier Naked" Onesie. It is actually Christmas fabric but I thought it looked generic enough for late summer baby pants.  It was on sale for 50% off so only cost $2.99/yd.  

The other 2 fabrics are 100% Country Cotton Solids. They were on sale for $1.99/yd. I will make a pair of pants and a skirt out of each type of fabric (and still have plenty left over because I am totally incapable of buying just enough fabric for a project.)

I also picked up some thread at 50% off. Sadly my thread collection consisted of white, black and a few shades of red and blue. Now I feel more well rounded. It all fits in my nifty thrift store thread box that I got for $1.

Finally, I got a bunch of baby clothes patterns. They had McCalls on sale for 99¢. I just bought every baby pattern they had. Only $19.00. The only problem with these patterns is that the smallest size on most of them is 13 - 17 lbs. Most will have to wait a while for use. Oh well, I'm prepared! It is kind of annoying that the selection for boys clothes is so limited. I guess one just has to make up for the lack of stylish patterns with awesome fabric choices.

When I went to the doctor yesterday, she poked me a bit and then informed me that my baby was small. I said, "About 7 lbs?" and she replied, "Probably closer 6 lbs." I didn't even buy newborn sized clothes. The babies in my family and Brian's family are always huge. I was the smallest of the lot at 8 lbs 6 ozs. All the others have been over 9 lbs. None of us ever even fit into newborn sized clothes. Today I went out and bought some newborn Onesies. Luckily, at Sears they had an additional 40% off all clearance clothes. I got 15 Carter's Onesies and a little robot sweatshirt and pants set for $20. Deals!

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  1. I love JoAnn's as well. I remember going there with my mom when I was younger to pick out fabrics so she could make clothes for me. Now as I prepare for my little one's arrival, I am the same way. I buy all the clearance clothes I can find and then head to JoAnn's to buy fabric to make matching pieces. My little one is going to be so spoiled when she arrives.