Saturday, July 2, 2011


I actually completed my first project off my long sewing project list page! This morning I made bloomers with some cotton fabric I found at the thrift store yesterday. 4 yards for $3.99. Not too shabby. I used this tutorial on by Evange. She has a bunch of great stuff. You should definitely check her out.

These bloomers are absolutely cool and comfortable. I will not post a pic of me modeling them because, frankly, bloomers do NOT look cute on pregnant women. We don't need help looking poofier than we already are. Haha.

I decided that the bottom of the bloomers needed ruffles. I used the same basic measurements as the video describes but I used 1/4" elastic.  I folded over 1/4" then up 1 3/4" and pressed. Then I edge stitched along the top of the casing, leaving 1" open for running elastic through. I then stitched again 1/2" down from my first stitches to form the casing. If this is not clear and someone would like to try and make ruffly bloomers, please email me and I will try explain better. I fed the elastic through and pinned. Then you would finish by sewing the elastic together and sewing the casing closed.  I did not finish off the elastic or the seam casings because I want to adjust the elastic lengths once I have the Munchkin and return to a more normal size.  A 42"waist is not a normal size for me.

At this point I don't think Munchkin is ever going to come out. Sigh.

Happy Crafting!

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