Thursday, April 2, 2009


I spent most of yesterday canning. I have this great book called "The Complete Book of Year Round Small Batch Preserving." It is great for me because I have very limited storage space. I made pickled Jalape├▒os with garlic. There are 1 1/2 pints extra spicy with Haba├▒eros and 2 pints of regular. Brian will love them (as he sits there with tears pouring down his face while eating them.) I also made 3 pints of Tomatillo salsa. It is absolutely delicious. Right now I have apple butter on the stove and the house smells wonderful.

I finished decorating the office and moved on to the master bedroom. I decided to use red, white and pale blue. The red a pale blue make a great contrast and the white keeps it from becoming to tacky. It does not necessarily look patriotic because the blue shades are too light. I crocheted one valence and am working on the second. I bought a cheap white lamp at Big Lots and then spray painted it bright cherry red. It looks awesome. I found a cute little pale blue lamp at the thrift store and I added a red and white gingham shade. I also made a light blue duvet cover for our quilt. I bought white fabric, sewed the duvet and then died it with RIT die. I am actually surprised how well it turned out. I will try to put pictures up in the next few days.

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