Monday, April 27, 2009

Beautiful Bonsai

Sorry I have not posted in while. I have been very busy getting ready for spring planting. I will try to post some updated photos of the strawberries soon.

I tried to learn Bonsai when I was a kid and it failed miserably. Even though I was completely unsuccessful, I always wanted to try it again. Than, a few weeks ago, I found a book on Bonsai at the thrift store. I decided that I should stop putting it off and just do it. I went to our local nursery and asked if they had Bonsai trees. The owner took me to see all the trees they had. When I told him that I actually wanted to learn how to make and care for them not just take home a little tree, he became very excited, told me to hold on and ran off. He came back with a box full of trees, soil and pots. We went up to the front of the store and he gave me a Bonsai training lesson right there on the checkout counter. He showed me how to choose an appropriate pot, pick the correct soil for the tree, wire branches, properly prune the roots, leaves and branches, etc. It was great!!

Here are some pictures of the trees that I have potted so far.

This tree will have either a cascade or semi cascade form when it is finished.

This tree will be an informal upright.

This tree just looks cool. It will not have any of the traditional Japanese forms.

This is just a group of small fig trees with a pretty piece of blue calcite.

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